If you are uploading a photo for all your family members including the primary member, ensure that you upload for the family members first and the primary member's photo last.

To upload a photo:

1. Log in to www.fitnesspassport.co.nz with your username/email address and password.

2. Select “Manage Membership” on the left-hand side, and “Membership Cards”.

3. Click on “Upload Photo” next to the member needing a new card.

4. A dialogue box will appear confirming a card order fee, click "Proceed" if you agree

5. Click "Upload Photo" (make sure it's in JPEG/JPG format) and hit "Submit" when done

6. A dialogue box will appear confirming the photo was uploaded successfully.

What happens next?

Your workplace facilitator will need to approve your new photo. Once this is approved, your membership photo will update in your MyFP app profile.